Veva Burns

Motion Graphics Artist

The force is strong with this one. As a child, Veva was passionate about visual arts including drawing, painting, photography, media experimentation and even scripted home videos with her siblings that were completed with in-camera visual effects. Veva started on the path to becoming a motion graphics Jedi at Savannah College of Art and Design, where she was able to hone these passions into a craft.

Veva dove into the world of marketing, working for companies such as Trailer Park, Aspect Ratio, Deva Studios and Big Picture. Since then Burns has worked as an art director at Framework LA focusing her love of design and animation creating title sequences and branding for projects such as “Breakout Kings,” “Tenth Planet,” “Nitro Circus” and her Emmy Nominated title design for “New Girl.”

Since then, Veva, has been working as a freelance mograph artist. She has worked on numerous projects ranging from film titles, network promo spots, commercials and film titles.

The team

Annie Babin

Founder/Creative Director


Brad Hennig

Writer/Communications Consultant


David Driscoll

3D/Visual Effects Artist


John Dawson

Web/UI/UX Developer


Cadyn Cathers



Dominik Staros

Web Developer


Kevin Murray



Veva Burns

Motion Graphics Artist


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